Harvesters.FM, is the operating name for the radio licenses held by International Harvesters for Christ – a registered charitable organization, having proudly received our 1st broadcast license in August of 2000.

We provide enlightening, educational, and enriching bible teaching programs, Contemporary Christian music, along with family friendly programming that reflect the Christian values which are in keeping with the Mission of this station and our supporters.

Our Motto is “Reaching People for Jesus, Through Excellence in Broadcasting”

The network currently operates three Class A Christian Radio Stations across Atlantic Canada – with repeaters in key surrounding areas.

The radio stations are funded primarily through the teaching programs heard in our lineups, and generous supporter donations.

Harvesters.FM is associated with www.internationalharvestersforchrist.com, a ministry on four continents, helping pastors in third world and developing countries closed to the Gospel.

Our President of the International Harvesters for Christ Evangelical Association & Harvesters FM radio network is Faye Lutes. 

The Harvesters Network was founded by Rev. Dr. Jeff Lutes. During his time as CEO until his sudden passing in 2021, Harvesters FM had seen continued success and growth in reaching new souls for Christ for nearly two decades, thanks to his visionary leadership, hard work and dedication. In addition to being a husband, father, Reverend and Doctor, Jeff was also a recognized spiritual and business leader and published author. Although the work of Harvesters FM continues today, we invite you to visit his personal website at JeffLutes.com to learn more about Dr. Lutes, his legacy, and his work.